Family History Mysteries

Crimes of Old to Solve Today

The family history mysteries by Elaine L. Orr take you to Garrett County in the Mountains of Western Maryland. Explore life today with Digger, a local graphics artist who has a knack for discovering things others might want to stay hidden. She gets perspective from her late Uncle Benjamin, who reappeared on her kitchen table soon after the last shovel of dirt fell onto his grave. His advice can be helpful, annoying, or witty — it depends on whether you want to hear it. Watch for the fifth book in the series — Long Held Lake Secrets — in fall 2023.  What family history is hidden in Deep Creek Lake?

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Four Book Series
Unscheduled Murder Trip, Family History Mystery Series Book 2
Mountain Rails of Old, Family History Mystery Series Book 3
Gilded Path to Nowhere, Family History Mystery Series Book 4